Pixel-by-Pixel DMX LED Strip Control A Comprehensive Overview

I would like to introduce you to our state of the art pixel by pixel controlled DMX LED Strip. It’s easy to install; it’s as simple as putting a power supply on each end of the strip, add yourDMX signal and it’s done. You can use your softwareof choice, however we recommend using Madrixsoftware because you will get the pixel mapping decoding that the software is famous for.

DMX Strip and Matrix Software in Action

One of our favorite installations using LED DMX strip and the Madrix software was at the Shine Club in McAllen Texas. A total of about 16 strips were used to achieve the desired effects. The strips were mounted on a circular steal structure of about 60 feet in diameter, similar to a bicycle wheel. Take a quick look at the video and you’ll see the spectacular affects that were achieved.

Applications For Everyone

You don’t have to be a night club owner to take advantage of the DMX strip. We understand that not everyone will be creating a 16 feet in diameter wheel for a nightclub. We’ve assisted with really creative ideas for homeowners who want to add a different touch to their home or party.

You can install it on your deck and have an amazing visual effect for others to see. Maybe you want to put it on the roof of your porch to have fun during your barbecues at night, or perhaps you have an event coming up that calls for a wild touch of lighting. If you’re looking to set your house apart from the rest, you could even install it on the cove of your roof to have an amazing effect for the whole family.

Why Choose The DMX LED Strip Over RGB LED Strips?

A few reasons people choose the pixel by pixel controlled DMX LED Strip is because of the individual control capability of each LED. That means that you can have a chase within the LED Strip along with a lot of different effects. You can create an LED Screen or curtain due to its special capabilities.

You can add the perfect touch to your nightclub’s ambience lighting creating very cool effects that cannot be achieved with an RGB LED Strip. Most important of all you will be able to have full control over your lighting. You can leave the strip on a solid color, or you can have the fully controllable pixel by pixel effects that this DMX LED Strip has to offer. Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to creating an amazing lighting application.

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