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LED Strip Lights

LED strip lighting is an energy efficient, cost effective, and attractive solution for almost any indoor or outdoor lighting needs ranging from under cabinet lighting to outdoor decorative applications.

  • A Grade RGBW LED Strips– create millions of colors by mixing red, green, blue, and variations of white. This product features more precise color mixing for hard to match colors, such as pastels.  Perfect for: architectural needs, home lighting projects, live events, TV/Movie sets and more.
  • High Quality RGB LED Strip and Waterproof Strips – Made in the U.S. and manufactured using high quality copper to minimize voltage drop and increase efficiency across the strip. Uses a new 5050 LED strip with a high Lumen per Watt Ratio. 75% more output than Low Cost RGB LED Strips.
  • Low Cost RGB LED Strip and Waterproof Strips – these easy to install low cost LED strips are equivalent to products found on eBay and Amazon, but are Made in the U.S. and include full technical support and data sheets with documented specifications so you know exactly what you’re buying.
  • RGB LED Strip Magic – achieve a spectacular display of colors with this RGB strip. Adjust the brightness and speed with over 133 presets. Perfect for: indirect accent décor lighting, large area back lighting, amusement park and theatre lighting, under counter lighting and more.
  • DMX RGB Strip – fully DMX programmable. Complete digital capabilities and is compatible with Madrix or any other software of choice. The DMX signal is plugged directly into the strip, eliminating the need for decoders.
  • White LED 3528 & Waterproof – complete assortment of white LED 3528 strips.
  • White LED 5050 & Waterproof – complete assortment of white LED 5050 strips.
  • Single Color LED Strip &WaterProof – Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue 3528 LED strips available in both standard and waterproof strips. Use these versatile LED strips to accompany accented indoor lighting or replace general lighting.
  • LED Strip Couplers– shop our complete assortment of LED strip couplers.
  • LED Strip Cables & Connectorsplug-and-play connector options for simple installations that require no soldering.

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