In keeping with modern standards and the push toward an entirely secure web, SIRS-E® has changed its security to an updated best practices solution.

We are now using Let’s Encrypt, a certificate issuer that requires sites to get a new certificate of security every 90 days, and uses the most up to date security standards. We are no longer using Symantec. You will no longer see a security badge on our site. This is because it’s simply too easy for disreputable companies to copy a badge and put it on a site, while in reality they have no security to ensure your transactions and information are safe. We are following initiatives put forth by the web community and browser developers such as Google, and encourage you to look for the ‘https’ at the web address you enter, and for the Green Padlock in your chrome browser to ensure that a website is safe to use.

You can read more on that here:

Please remember a secure website doesn’t mean your browsing is secure if you are on a public Wi-Fi or other insecure public internet. Please be careful when making any transactions on the internet.

SIRS-E® will always continue to do the most to keep your information secure. Thank you for reading about our new policies.