Proudly Made in the USA LED Strip Lights
Proudly Made in the USA LED Strip Lights

Welcome to SIRS-E® – Leading the Way in American-Made Linear LED Excellence for Over 20 Years.
Innovation • Quality • Reliability • American Craftsmanship.

We have pioneered LED Strip Lighting and DMX Control Systems solutions for two decades, earning the trust of OEMs and installation professionals as their reliable partner. Committed to American-made excellence, we ensure unmatched performance and reliability for diverse lighting needs, from large-scale manufacturing to intricate installations. Experience the difference with SIRS-E®: where quality meets innovation for every project.

SIRS Electronics, Inc LED Linear Lighting Manufacturer
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SIRS Electronics, Inc LED Linear Lighting Manufacturer

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SIRS-E® FAQs: Your Go-To Guide for LED Lighting & DMX Control Wonders
  • What is SIRS-E®?SIRS-E® is a leading provider in American-made linear LED excellence, offering innovative, quality, and reliable products and solutions in LED Strip Lighting and DMX Control Systems for over 20 years.
  • Who are our main customers?OEMs and professional installers seeking quality lighting solutions constitute our primary customer base.
  • What products does SIRS-E® offer?SIRS-E® offers a wide range of LED lighting solutions, including white and RGB LED strips, digital LED strips, DMX UL LED strips, LED light source accessories, custom LED products, LED strip software & hardware, LED strip hardware, LED strip decoders & drivers, and LED strip power supplies.
  • What applications do SIRS-E’s products serve?Their products are used in various applications including TV studios, light shows, residential and smart homes, buildings, shops, exhibitions, aviation, marine, decorative settings, clubs, casinos, emergency rescue, and hospitals.
  • How can I contact SIRS-E® for a project?Reach out via our contact page or call us directly. We’re here to kickstart your project!
  • Where can I learn more about your products?Check out our products section for the latest in LED innovation.
  • Do you have a retail store?
    Yes, you can visit our retail store at
SIRS Electronics, Inc.