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SIRS-E Passion for Technology
Profound passion, eager curiosity, and enthusiasm to discover the unexplored are the forces that drive the desire for growth and applied talent at SIRS-E. This energy gives birth to a great affinity for the actions that promote development of valuable experiences; objectivizing, strategizing, and crafting coherent solutions for the betterment of LED lighting product design. This combination of traits is what SIRS-E has thrived on for years.
About SIRS-E
Evolved thinking by creative Americans.
SIRS-E® Lighting has been operating since 2005 and specializes in the supply, consulting and manufacturing of high-quality LED Strip Lighting and DMX Control Systems. We are committed to designing solutions for the challenges faced by lighting industry professionals, along with architectural installers and contractors. This allowed SIRS-E to develop some of the most practical products for linear LED lighting applications.
We design strips in USA and locally manufacture most of them.


God Bless America!
Diego Iorio, CEO and Founder

Diego Iorio, the CEO and founder of SIRS-E, spent many years working in a number of companies focused in R&D and product design. Seeing the potential behind LED technology, he decided to invest in a future developing a company that would allow him to apply his knowledge and experience creating cutting edge linear LED products and accessories.



SIRS-E began its operations right at the time in which the LED Lighting technology started to boom. It wasn’t long before SIRS-E’s foothold in the market was evident and, as a company, SIRS-E began to expand and broaden its horizons.

The company had humble beginnings opening shop in a small Texas town by the name of McAllen. After a few infrastructural expansions over time, the company has now found a new home in Rosenberg, Texas, a town located in the Greater Houston area.

During the present time, SIRS-E’s investments in its people and resources have allowed the company to grow to an international level. This has produced the vital energy necessary to set SIRS-E as a permanent player in the market for years to come.


We Promise and Deliver
  • Assurance of Quality
  • Best Price
  • Technical Support
  • On Time Delivery
  • Long LED Life and Superior Warranties
  • Maximum Attention to Customer Service
  • 3000 m2 of Manufacturing and Warehouse Space
  • 26 Employees
  • 10% Growth Rate
  • 15 Years in the LED Industry
  • 72 Products
  • 100% American
  • 4000+ Customers Served
  • In-House Pick and Place Production Line
  • Virtual Retail Store


SIRS-E and the customer

  The dynamism of its founding member has given the company an important set of values that distinguishes SIRS-E as a unique and reliable partner. Through the ability to offer an excellent level of quality in all of its LED lighting products, and an equally matched level of customer support, the appeal is there for professionals seeking an efficient and trustworthy source.

Since 2005 SIRS-E has produced LED Lighting products that have met and surpassed the expectations of lighting industry professionals world wide. All of the products sport a high level of quality and safety standards which are more easily maintained with a US based production site.


Services: Customer Care and Technical Support (SIRS-E Care)

The reliability of a company does not only lie in the level of quality of its products. Service is also a fundamental aspect of the complete user experience. Staffed with some of the most knowledgeable people in the field, SIRS-E’s customer care and technical support teams are at the ready to tend to your every need. Complete support for the life cycle of a project is standard service when working with SIRS-E.

Recognizing the enormous worth found in sound customer care and technical support, SIRS-E has really made this quality its trademark.

In order to succeed in providing a competent care team, SIRS-E relies on the wit and aptitude of its highly qualified experts, selected for their experience and ability to deliver coherent solutions under any environment.

With a strong stance in training and education, SIRS-E’s Academy educational program is aimed at both the Company Team and its customers.



Value for Money and Superior Warranties

Due to the engineering, design, and testing efforts which are all performed in-house, (at the headquarters in the Greater Houston Area) SIRS-E represents the excellence of American creativity in the industry. The close proximity to the process allows for much greater control over the QC stage. Most SIRS-E products have warranties ranging from 2-5 years. The consolidation of the manufacturing process has allowed for the savings to be passed on to the customer yielding a better quality to price ratio.

A word from the CEO:

“We believe that services and a succession of small steps are the secret to facing the competition with the necessary grit and determination. We deliver every project with passion. Every single sale for us is a small step in the direction of creating a network of people that appreciate the LED lighting industry, the environment, and the mutual success of all parties involved. I live for my family, my company, my supplier and my customer. We like concreteness, so we rely on simple and efficient procedures.”

User Friendly

Taking advantage of new advancements in the LED lighting industry, SIRS-E has crafted solutions that facilitate the way in which the products are built. This yields systems that are extremely user friendly and capable. In the past often times user-friendliness and simplicity were sacrificed for the sake of functionality. Today the luxury of merging the two worlds of capability and simplicity is a reality at SIRS-E.


As an active member of the “NVLAP” (National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program) SIRS-E’s photometry data for all of the LED product offerings hold a high level of accuracy and trustworthiness. NVALP is administered by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). This means that the format, presentation, and quality of the photometric tests performed is up to par with all industry standards.




Custom Product

Taking advantage of new advancements in the LED lighting industry, SIRS-E has crafted solutions that facilitate the way in which the products are built. This yields systems that are extremely user friendly and capable. In the past often times user-friendliness and simplicity were sacrificed for the sake of functionality. Today the luxury of merging the two worlds of capability and simplicity is a reality at SIRS-E.


SIRS-E believes that respect for the environment is a strategic element of innovation rather than just a duty to society. This is one of the reasons why we maximize the efficacy of all of our LED products in order to provide the greatest amount of light with the least amount of power. At the same time we strive to set sustainable practices to maintain an eco-friendly production facility. Our aim to is to produce products that will be of benefit to the world as a whole.

Long Lasting
LEDs and
in the USA

One of the main factors that set SIRS-E apart, is the level of experience in the industry. When SIRS-E opened shop in 2005, LED lighting technology was still at an early stage. This journey has allowed SIRS-E to incorporate valuable design traits into the products’ composition. This yielded some of the most dependable, maintenance-free LED drivers and fixtures in the market today.

Distribution Network – SIRS-E world a growing family

SIRS-E’s clearly defined ideas and strong financial backing has allowed the company to establish the logical infrastructure necessary to keep up with the most demanding requests. Today many professionals rely on SIRS-E’s ability to deliver on time around the world.

Lighting Products

SIRS-E is a leading brand for Linear LED strip light products and drivers for all sorts of applications. Throughout the years SIRS-E has gained the trust of hundreds of happy clients by delivering exceptional products at very competitive prices. Spanning from entertainment to architectural contexts, SIRS-E products continue to deliver time and time again. One of the more appealing aspects of SIRS-E’s product lies in the variety and options available.

of the

LED Strips
LED Extrusions and Optics
LED Drivers
LED Switching Power Supplies
LED Pixel Products
LED Controllers

Experience has led SIRS-E to develop a family of products that offer solutions for a wide range of applications. All of the products are designed in the USA and carry an Italian flair that truly shows the care for design. The complete line of products culminates in a distinguished level of innovation and quality.

An updated product list can be found on our website at: SIRS-E.COM and SIRS-E.US


Every year the product collection at SIRS-E is enriched with new proposals to fulfill a larger demand for varying applications and techniques in the lighting industry. Installations around the world that have incorporated SIRS-E products are numerous. We want to thank all of the customers that have shared their experiences and photographs of the installations they completed using SIRS-E products. Words cannot express the gratitude we feel towards all of the loyal customers that have supported SIRS-E throughout the years.

Linear LED Lighting and LED Control – Architectural Typical use
  • Airports
  • Cruise Lines
  • Churches
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Schools
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Shops
  • Furniture
  • Malls
  • Agriculture


Linear LED
Lighting and LED Control –
Architainment Typical use

  • Gyms
  • Multifunctional Halls
  • Cruise Lines
  • Fashion Shows


Linear LED
Lighting and LED Control –
Entertainment Typical use

  • TV
  • Theaters
  • Sports Arenas
  • Theme Parks
  • Clubs
  • Circuses
  • Conventions
  • Events

To all customers that have supported SIRS-E throughout the years and to those that continue to rely and trust in the SIRS-E brand. SIRS-E would not be what it is today without the care and support of everyone involved.


3307 West Street
Rosenberg, TX 77471 USA
(281) 324-0908

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