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DMX LED Strip RGB SIRS-E PixelDMX Controlled IP67 Waterproof

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Product Description

5050-LED-RGBWP-24DMX5M Datasheet 

5050-LED-RGBWP-24DMX5M Wiring Diagram

DMX LED Strip is fully DMX programmable, as well as, having digital capabilities. And it does not require any decoders because the DMX signal is plugged in directly into the strip.

In essence, it uses the same high quality components of our high quality 5050 RGB LED Strips but the difference is that this DMX LED Strip is fully compatible with Madrix, and any other software of your choice. It has a vast variety of applications and is very effective for individual pixel effects, in combination with a Madrix software you may be viewing whatever setting you may have customized in the software creating some wild visuals. As well for the user that needs that custom application or connection that you may not be able to achieve with any other product due to the vast settings that this product offers.

We have paid very close attention to detail with this one and the final design has been giving back a lot of positive feedback from our installers. With this DMX Strip you can have a variety of changing designs that you may have pre-programmed with your software. Can easily be wall mounted with the wall mounting hinges that come with every DMX LED Strip purchase. Power Supply not included.


  •  Pure DMX Means direct DMX signal to the strip, The Strip
  • Receive DMX signal right at the input of the strip thru a XLR3 pin connector.
  •  Operating Voltage 5 Volts DC.
  • 1 Pixel Per 5050 High Quality RGB LED.
  •  24 Pixel Per Meter (16.4 ft) 360 DMX Channels, full DMX control.
  •  IP67 Water Proof.
  •  You can cut and combine as many segments as you want to make a low resolution, high intensity video screen.
  • Compatible with any DMX software and hardware.
  •  Madrix Software Ready.
  • Plug and Play!
  • One Year Warranty.
  • High Quality, Flexible 5050 LED RGB Auto-address DMX Strips IP67, Black PCB, 5 Meter Segment 24 Pixel per meter. 5 V DC, Total Current Draw 5m 7.2A (36W), Current Draw 1m 4.36A (21.8W), Current Draw 1 Pixel 0.06A(0.3W).

3-pin XLR connector is included with every purchase of our DMX RGB LED Strip so you can go ahead and plug and play!


5050-LED-RGBWP-24DMX5M Datasheet 


5050-LED-RGBWP-24DMX5M Wiring Diagram

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Additional Information

Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 1 in



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