Comparing Double & Single Density RGB LED Strips

There are a lot of confusions and misconceptions when it comes to both the Single and Double Density LED Strips. Frequently a customer may think that the two products are entirely different. Although this may not be entirely true, there are many important differences between the High Quality RGB LED Double Density Strip and the High Quality LED RGB Single Density Strip. Both LED Strips feature the same High Quality 5050 SMD LEDs that you’ve become familiarized with.

High Quality Double Density RGB LED Strip

The Double Density SIRS-E High Quality LED RGB Strip (5050-LED-RGB-DD) consumes about 50 watts per 5 meter (16.4ft) segment. Being one of the brightest LED Strips we carry, the Double Density model features 300 High Quality 5050 SMD LEDs per reel. This product is perfect for ambient and accent lighting for bars, clubs, restaurants, event venues, concerts and even your own home. If your application requires a bright and uniform wall wash then this strip is perfect for you. Even if you don’t need high levels of brightness at all times you can have the best of both worlds if you combine the Double Density LED Strip with one of our dimmers.

Perhaps you own a bar and you want everything to look perfectly flawless throughout your whole establishment. Maybe you want to give your house a touch of light that will set it apart from the rest and beautifully accentuate your patio or gazebo and even install them indoors. Due to its high brightness intensity you can install the Double Density LED Strip in a situation where there is another source of light, allowing you to truly appreciate the visual aspect and effect of the LED Strip.

You can apply the Double Density RGB LED Strip to any idea you may have. On another note, brightness comes at a cost. Not only does it consume twice the amount of watts than the Single Density version, it’s also about $30 more.

High Quality Single Density RGB LED Strip

Being more conservative than the Double Density RGB LED Strip, the Single Density LED RGB Strip (5050-LED-RGB) from SIRS-E only consumes about 24 watts per 5 meter (16.4ft) segment. The lumen output is about half of the dual density strip. It is almost half the consumption of the Double Density RGB LED Strip. The Single Density RGB LED Strip also features the same High Quality 5050 RGB LEDs as the Double Density version. Due to having less power consumption and featuring the same High Quality LEDs the strip is still quite bright and uniform for accent and ambient lighting.

This is great because it means you will spend less on power supplies and amplifiers if you are doing a large scale installation. If intensity in brightness isn’t an issue for you, the Single Density strip will suit your needs.

Decide For Yourself

Here at SIRS-E our ultimate goal is not to make decisions for you, but to help you make informed decisions that will best suit your needs. In retrospect, both the Double Density RGB LED Strip and the Single Density LED RGB Strip are great products. Both feature the same High Quality 5050 LED SMD LED diodes but the main difference is the amount of LEDs per reel. So if you need something that requires the intensity of a Double Density RGB LED then that will be the right Strip for you. And if you’re just looking for something more conservative then the Single Density Strip will suit your needs just fine. Although there are no right or wrong decisions when it comes to this, it all depends on what you will be applying the strips to. Have the confidence to decide for yourself!