Innovative Cabinet LED Lighting Solutions

It can be difficult to decide which LED Strip is best for above and under counter cabinet lighting in your home. The choice between a High Quality RGB LED strip and a single color white strip isn’t alwaysobvious.

One the one hand the bright output of the RBG strip is attractive because it lights up the space really well but it may feel a little “too” bright from a home décor perspective. On the other hand the single white light strips give off the soft glow you’re looking for but not provide quite enough practical lighting.

Now you don’t have to choose between the two options. We worked hard to solve this problem for our customers and developed the RGBW LED Strip which features a true Warm White LED diode in between every RGB diode. The strip achieves a unique effect that is both practical and attractive.

A-Grade RGBW LED Strip Overview

As many of you may know from a previous you may have read, the A Grade RGBW LED Strip (5050-LED-RGB(WW)-DD-Ais our highest quality strip. Not only is it our highest quality LED Strip light, it’s also unique because it features 300 of the highest quality SMD 5050 LED diodes available in the market today.

This revolutionary Double Density RGB Warm White strip has 150 SMD 5050 RGB LEDs and 150 SMD Warm White LEDs which allows you to alternate between regular RGB color mixing and a true solid Warm White light whenever you need it most.If you’re interested in learning more you can check out this blog post.

DMX Control to Get The Most Bang For Your Buck

If you’re looking for a way to “wow” your neighbors and friends this is the way to do it.

The RGBW LED Strip works in perfect unison with our new 4-channel LED driver through DMX-512 signal. In combination with any of our Stand Alone DMX interfaces such as the wall mounted Sunlite Touch-sensitive intelligent control. Sunlite’s third generation STICK integrates a graphical color display this makes it easy for you to display previously programmed screen photos to be displayed on the Touch-sensitive LCD screen. You can view the selected zone, scene name & design without having to hassle through any complicated menus. This is a great product that can be implemented into any application you desire.

This light strip along with our 4-channel LED driver receiving signal through Sunlite’s Touch-sensitive Intelligent control would be the perfect combination for a spectacular installation for above and under cabinet lighting inside a house, bar, hotel, apartment or even a deck patio. Being compatible with all of Nicolaudie computer software and mobile apps, as well as having a total of 1024 DMX output channels; the DE3 is the most unique and versatile controller allowing you to have 500 scenes across 10 zones.

A More Conservative Approach

If this approach sounds like overkill don’t worry because we have the right thing for you! You’ll still need to combine the A Grade RGBW LED Strip with the 4-channel LED Driver but instead of the Sunlite STICK-DE3, we recommend the LumiDesk LD Touch. The wall mountable Interface features a Sensitive Glass panel with 3 Touch-Sensitive buttons and 128-DMX output channels. It works with LumiDesk software with limited functionality. If you are interested in a simpler set-up for your own home using the RGBW LED Strip, then this cost effective and smaller scale Stand Alone Interface will suit you just fine for your above and under cabinet lighting.

Shop for your Under Counter Lighting Needs here or give us a call and we’ll help you find a solution that’s perfect for you!