Innovative Lighting Tool Baxter Pocket Console Basic

DMX lighting consoles are a great way to get your performance up and running, and it can be really exciting, but they can also be awkward. These days we’re used to having the ability to multitask and we rely on devices that are mobile such as laptops, tablets, and smart phones. These technologies have driven a demand for mobility in the lighting industry as well. Baxter Controls, Inc. has the perfect solution for you; the simple and easy to use Baxter Pocket Console Basic.

We know that you’re looking for flexibility and mobility,and lugging around a heavy DMX console isn’t the way to do it. You asked, we listened, and we’ve introduced a new product to our online catalog that alleviates the stress of having to carry around such a hefty piece of equipment, the Baxter Pocket Console Basic.

The Baxter Pocket Console Basic

Baxter Controls, Inc. has come out with a revolutionary product for the masses; The Pocket Console, is exactly what it sounds like. In this product you have all the characteristics of a DMX lighting console, but with a portable, hand-held design. This lightweight lighting console has 8 faders with associated bump buttons. Each fader can be patched to any 512 DMX addresses that comes with the Baxter Pocket Console Basic. With this product you can test different independent sections of your setup.

The Baxter Pocket Console Basic allows you to control up to 512 DMX channels. The device can be set into “patch mode” for easily setting the DMX address to each fader. As a bonus, you can add multiple addresses to each fader. It’s an easy to use tool for any professional or beginner lighting designer.

The package includes: 1 Baxter Pocket Console Basic, an instruction sheet, an AC/DC power adapter, and one alkaline 9V battery. Protective cases are also available so you can protect this important piece of equipment.

Pocket Console Benefits

This product is ideal for testing a particular lighting feature. Since every channel can hold a different program, you can go to the specific location of that program and test it out, without having to go through every DMX lighting fixture. So, it is incredibly useful for any setting where you have thousands, if not millions, of LED lights that are controlled by DMX digital networks.

This compact, but powerful lighting console is great for small projects or large scale installations. One of our clients recently discovered that you can easily program this lighting console to reflect the actions of your moving heads or LED’s. You might be wondering about power, being tied to a power source isn’t exactly “mobile.” No need to worry, this portable DMX console is battery powered and definitely holds a charge for longer than you could imagine (holds a charge for 3 hours minimum).

Dimming Down

Oh, man, does this thing pack a punch. This powerful tool takes the worry out of something going wrong with your live performances. Have a quick setup that needs to be done with an ergonomic piece of equipment? Want to run a light show with moving heads or LED’s? Need to run to the other side of the stage because of a faulty fixture? The Baxter Pocket Control is just the piece of equipment you’ve been looking for.

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