AnyDMX vs Wireless DMX Pro Transceiver Comparison

These days almost everyone is connected to the internet 24/7. Whether you’re in a coffee shop, an airport, or a shopping mall, you’ll notice that almost everyone is on a smart phone, laptop, or tablet. They might be researching their next getaway, updating their friends on Facebook or shopping. Whatever they’re doing there’s one thing the all have in common; they’re using the internet through a wireless connection.

And with widespread access with these technologies everyone across all industries, companies engineer their products to fit the movement. Here at SIRS-E we like to make your lives easier, so we have engineered these two products just for you: the Wireless DMX PRO 2.4 GHz and the SIRS-E anyDMX Wireless DMX Transceiver.

We’re frequently asked what the difference between the two units are so it seemed like a great topic for a blog post.

They’re both excellent wireless DMX units and they both hold a range of about 400 meters without any obstructions, and run on 2.4GHz, but there are a few differences between the units. Following are some of the key factors that most people take into consideration before making a purchase.

Unit Size:

  • anyDMX – this wireless DMX unit is pretty small, it’s about the size of a cigar and it can fit almost anywhere, including right on the fixture. Fixtures can range from LED light bars to moving heads.
  • DMX PRO 2.4 – this unit is a little larger than the anyDMX device, but it’s still quite compact. It also has mounting flanges so it can be secured to a fixture with screws.

Number of Available Frequencies:

  • anyDMX – 7 available frequencies – they are highly reliable and there is rarely any interference. It’s a great solution for applications with fewer than 7 wireless units. The frequency is represented by colors on an LED display on the unit. The wireless network converts the signal to DMX from unit to unit. And speaking of units, you can use any number of transceivers to get your data across the floor through 7 frequencies provided by the anyDMX Wireless Transceiver. This is perfect for theatrical settings or small venues.
  • DMX PRO 2.4 –250 available frequencies – this unit is perfect if you are running multiple wireless units. You can also run unlimited units per frequency. The display on the front indicates which number frequency you are on, which makes it easy to set up. If you need to setup a hefty amount of wireless transceivers, without the risk of interference, this one is the way to go. Just think about what you can do for a live performance in an arena setting where you have to cover a large area with DMX fixtures.

Male/Female Adapters:

  • anyDMX – requires an external adaptor which is included with the unit.
  • DMX PRO 2.4 –comes with male and female built into the unit so if you’re using it as a transmitter or a receiver you don’t need an adapter.

Either unit can be used as a transmitter or a receiver with a flick of a switch.

We’ll leave the Choice up To You

With the options available to you as the reader, and hopefully, a new customer, we leave the choice to you. Both the anyDMX Wireless DMX Transceiver and the Wireless DMX Pro offer some great qualities that you may find assuring. If you have any further questions, give us a call at 1.956.522.2006 and we’ll be happy to help you.

You can check out each of the units by clicking on the following links: