Showline SL PAR 150 Review Performance & Features

A few days ago we reviewed the Philip’s Showline Nitro SL. We decided to go ahead and review another popular product from Philips Entertainment, the Showline SL PAR 150 LED Fixture. LED fixtures aren’t just used in the entertainment industry to bring concerts to life; they are also used around the world in a variety of settings in our everyday lives. From your favorite concerts to the lighting under your kitchen cabinets, LED fixtures bring a whole new perspective to the lighting industry.

Let’s jump into the review of this fixture.

LED Features of the Showline SL PAR 150

The Showline SL PAR 150 is an LED fixture that packs a punch and comes with some pretty incredible features.

  • Adjustable beam angle –you can adjust the angle between 15 and 70 degrees with manual zoom. There’s no need to change lenses or make any other adjustments, it’s all done within the fixture.
  • RGBW – you have all of the colors plus white all in one fixture which gives you great flexibility and you can easily go from colors to white.
  • DMX and RDM compatible– the output and inputs are both DMX and RDM compatible. The fixture is fully programmable through DMX for dimming curves. With this I/O capability, these fixtures can be daisy chained to power and create an array of incredible effects for your live performances.
  • High-intensity Beam -it has a total of 9 powerful, 15 watt RGBW LED’s a lighting effect that’s hard to beat.
  • Extraordinary output -with 3,200 lumens, you can imagine what you are capable of when it is in your hands.
  • Dual yoke and the mounting capabilities – the SL PAR 150 has. This LED fixture is sure to be right for any setting.
  • Energy efficient – it only consumes 130 WATTS at full capacity.

One thing to be aware of is that the fixture is a little heavy for its size and the brackets are a little flimsy, but if you make use of the hook for your safety cable it shouldn’t be a problem.

More about the SL PAR 150

One of the great things that makes the SL PAR 150 is that it comes in a variety of DMX modes; 8 bit, 16 bit, and HSIC are all available. The 8 bit mode is mostly used for far less impactful commands, and allows for control of over 6 DMX channels. The 16 bit mode can be loaded with heavier commands through 16 channels of operation

The HSIC mode (HSIC) suited for photography and film settings. This mode offers adjustable settings to better your stage or set. Achieve specific color temperatures and light saturation, with high and low bit functions. Others have used it for soft and hard edge lighting. Of course, many of you may already know this, but this is perfect for cinematography. The fixture can be mounted on stage from a truss giving you an even better onstage advantage for your lighting designs.

On the back of the fixture, you’ll see a digital display that lets you change a number of settings manually. The user interface has a menu with outer buttons to help you select which ever option you want. Theuser interface has the ability to cycle through a number of preset functions which include: fades, color chases, and strobe effects.

With the fade preset you can increase or decrease the intensity of light that is projected on stage. The color chase gives the effect of multi-colored lights being turned off and on in a pattern that gives the illusion of movement. The SL PAR 150′s strobe effects are like most strobe lights, except for the fact that it uses LED’s and has a much brighter output. It also has a number of displays that let you see what settings are being changed in real time.

There’s really no limit to the number of effects you can achieve with this fixture.

The SL PAR 150 in Action

The Showline SL PAR 150 is incredibly useful in many settings. We have actually used this product in one of our local installations at the Havana Club in McAllen, Texas. You can see an extensive use of the SL PAR 150 in the videos above. Read more about our vision on enhancing this particular club’s night life here. The effects being produced in the Havana Night Club video were altered by us. It was quite the project, but we left knowing we achieved what others could not.