Pilotino® CRMX PCB – CRMX Expansion Board


Pilotino® CRMX PCB – CRMX Expansion Board

The PILOTINO® CRMX PCB is a connectivity expansion device intended for use with the PILOTINO® PCB CV LED decoder. This module is a plug and play unit that instantly equips the PILOTINO® decoder with robust CRMX wireless capabilities. The PILOTINO® CRMX PCB is compatible with any kind of CRMX transmitter, allowing the user to easily integrate it into any project. Equipped with an onboard IO socket, the module easily connects directly to the PILOTINO® PCB, making for an effortless configuration. Just connect the device to the IO socket and it is ready to go. Pair it with the CRMX transmitter of your choice and you are done.

Video: Pilotino® Feature Video

Key Features:

  • Compatible with any CRMX Device
  • Robust Wireless Signal
  • RDM Compatible
  • Onboard IO socket for quick integration
  • Wire to Board Quick Connectors
  • Plug and Play with Onboard IO Socket
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • Made in Italy

Package Content

  • u.FL to Female SMA Coax Cable (10 cm)
  • Dipole Tilt Swivel Antenna

Downloadable Documentations:
Pilotino® CRMX Manual
Datasheet Pilotino® CRMX
Pilotino® PCB Brochure
Pilotino® Certificate of Compliance – US
Pilotino® Certificate of Compliance – CAN

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