High Quality RGB LED Strip AcuVibrant™ CV


High Quality RGB LED Strip AcuVibrant™ CV

SIRS-E® high quality RGB LED strip AcuVibrant™ CV Series utilizes three LED diodes (red, green, blue) which are mixed via a control method of your choice to produce millions of color rendering options. This flexible LED strip is available in 12V and 24V models, cuttable, and mountable utilizing 3M VHB adhesive.

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This information complies with the following standards and reports: IES LM-79-2008, ANSI C82.77-2002, CIE 13.3-1995, CIE 15-2004, ANSI C78.377-2015, IES TM-30-2015, ANSI/IES LM-80-2015, Specification of Small Chromaticity Differences by David L. MacAdam.

Input Voltage: 12VDC | 24VDC Cuttable Segments: 2 in (50mm) for 12V | 4 in (100mm) for 24V
Limiting Control Method: CV – Constant Voltage Reel Length: 16.4 ft | 5 m
Power Consumption: 4.28 W/ft Max Run Length: 16 ft | 5 m, 10% luminous flux loss
LED Chip Type: High Quality SMD 5050 3-Diode Segment Width: IP40 – 0.39 in | 10 mm, IP68 – 0.50 in | 12.7 mm
LED Density: 18 LEDs/ft | 60 LEDs/m Luminous Flux Maintenance: 75,000 hrs
Board Type / Color: 4 oz Density Copper, White PCB Dimming: DMX PWM, RF PWM, 0-10V, MLV, Incandescent
Beam Angle 120° Environmental: IP 40 – Indoor, Dry | IP 68 – Damp, Wet
Operating Temperature: -20°F to 120°F Warranty: 5 Year Limited
Mounting: Non-porous; 3M Adhesive Mounting Tape Certifications: UL Listed, E479339 US | CAN
For more information, please see the RGB LED Strip AcuVibrant™ CV pdf Datasheet here.


Product Photometrics – Red, Green, and Blue Diodes

Color Diode Peak Wavelength (nm) Dominant Wavelength (nm) CIE (x, y) Luminous Flux (lm/ft) Luminous Efficacy (lm/W)
RED 628.6 nm 621.6 nm (0.6940, 0.3052) 45 lm/ft 30.2 lm/W
GREEN 517.3 nm 523.6 nm (0.1528, 0.7224) 161 lm/ft 97.6 lm/W
BLUE 464.7 nm 469.0 nm (0.1327, 0.0609) 35 lm/ft 23.3 lm/W

For Mobile display only – Above table title – Color Diode, Peak Wavelent (nm), Dominant Wavelength (nm), CIE (x, y), Luminous Flux (lm/ft), Luminous Efficacy (lm/W)


Product Photometrics – All Three Colors at Full Intensity

Nominal CCT (K) Luminous Flux (lm/ft) Luminous Efficacy (lm/W) CIE (x, y) Duv3 CRI Fidelity (Rf) Gamut (Rg)
22000 K 231 lm/ft 49.5 lm/W (0.2196, 0.2549) +0.0250 64 N/A N/A

For Mobile display only – Above table title – Nominal CCT (K), Luminous Flux (lm/ft), Luminous Efficacy (lm/W), CIE (x, y), Duv, CRI, Fidelity (Rf), Gamut (Rg)



1.64 ft / 0.5m – Sample Segment, 16ft / 5m – Reel


12VDC, 24VDC


IP40 – Dry / Indoor, IP68 – Damp / Wet