DMX LED Tape Floating Coves, SIRS-E Showroom

The new SIRS-E Showroom provides a creative live display of a floating ceiling cove design. Featuring a double lit cove using both the RGB Pixel DMX LED Strip and the AcuHue Series RGBW for general cove lighting. The sharp edges and angles give this feature a colorful contemporary design. With a total of 80 custom recessed fixtures, the effect is multidimensional and sure to appeal to the senses. The whole idea behind this project was to transform the room’s feel and mood with the varying lighting effects possible. For the dynamic LED Pixel animations, Madrix was used for control. The room can go from a modern, layered accented look for day to day use, all the way to discotheque style vivid and dynamic moving effects.

Custom design by SIRS-E

Floating LED Coves - By SIRS-E 1

Floating LED Coves - By SIRS-E 2

Floating LED Coves - By SIRS-E 3

Floating LED Coves - By SIRS-E 4