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Direct DMX RGB UL LED Strip Pixel by Pixel Control 2.0

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This information complies with the following standards and reports: IES LM-79-2008, ANSI C82.77-10-2014, CIE 13.3-1995, CIE 15-2004, ANSI C78.377-2017, IES TM-30-2018, ANSI/IES LM-80-2021, Specification of Small Chromaticity Differences by David L. MacAdam.

Accessories: DMX Address Writer – DMX-STRIP-PROG2 Quick Guide


SIRS-E® Direct DMX RGB LED strip utilizes direct DMX512A signal to control a pixel by pixel programmable flexible tape light via the software of your choosing. The red, green, and blue diodes can be mixed to potentially produce over a million color rendering options. This model requires 5V power from both ends, is cuttable every LED, and mountable using 3M adhesive tape.

NVLAP: National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program is a National Institute of Standards and Technology program in the USA which provides an unbiased third-party test and evaluation program to accredit laboratories in their respective fields to the ISO 17025 standard. NVLAP is in compliance with ISO 17011. Wikipedia

Product Photometrics – Red, Green and Blue Diodes

Product Photometrics – All Four Colors at Full Intensity

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DMX RGB LED Strip Direct DMX512A Pixel-by-Pixel Control