With a total of 80 recessed RGBW fixtures, and 3 types of Linear LED product, the SIRS-E showroom provides a vivid visual presentation of a number of applications possible with the SIRS-E line of LED Tape and accessories. Designed from the ground up to put other factors into context such as the finish of the walls, the shade of the paint, and even the height of the ceilings; our hope is that by doing this, our customers will find inspiration and get a better idea of how the products perform in a real-world application.

The showroom has two main display areas, the floating coves feature, and the animation pixel LED display. Each one of these displays consist of various parts that allow for the final effect. Starting with the floating coves, there are three main products being used. The first is the Direct DMX RGB Pixel LED strip by SIRS-E. This is the product that allows for all of the colorful chases and motion effects. Additionally, running parallel to the main product, there is the AcuHue RGBW LED tape. This is used mainly for additional color and brightness, as well as circadian, human-centric, and more traditional mood lighting. Finally, we have the downward facing recessed linear LED fixtures. The main use of these fixtures is to provide task lighting to the space since there are no other light sources built in. Within the Linear recessed extrusions, we have installed 2 rows of The AcuVivid white linear LED tape in 4000k CCT. In the center we have a single strip of RGBW Acuhue product so the motion and color effects can be extended for a more direct visual effect.

Aside from the Floating Coves, there is a direct view LED animation display which consists of 2016 individually addressed RGBW pixels. The product used here is the DIRECT DMX 4 IN 1 Pixel by pixel product. Built into an array, fitted inside a light box covered by high end frosted plexi, we are able to achieve a low-resolution lighting pixel effect. Wirelessly controlled from the Madrix platform running on a windows surface, this set up allows the user to walk around with the Microsoft surface and change effects and scenes without any cords or tethers getting in the way. The combination of both systems gives the space a very colorful and animated feel, along with the variety of scene options this space can both set the right mood and display our products in a manner that can be better appreciated.