One of the things we love doing most is helping customers go above and beyond to create a unique ambiance that makes them stand out from the crowd. One of our customers owns several night clubs in town came to us with a vision for the Shine Club Lounge that was like none other in McAllen or in South Texas for that matter. He wanted to create a visual experience that would wow thecrowd and be the talk of the town.

Lighting Goals & Challenges

When the “Shine Club” project initially began in late November of 2013, our customer walked through our showroom doors and immediately began asking questions about the Madrix Software and the DMX RGB LED Strip. He wanted to know how everything could be tied together through a relatively simple plug-and-play installation on the structure of the ceiling. His main goal was to achieve a high impact visual effect on the ceiling of his lounge that would light up the dance floor with lights and movement.He wanted to implement the lighting application at a relatively low cost but it had to deliver a high visual impact. This goal put us into serious brainstorming mode because what he wanted to achieve wasn’t a low budget project.

Implementing a Plan of Action

We walked through the different possibilities and various products that were potential options while explaining the pros and cons of each one. Once we came up with a solution we reviewed it with the customer and asked for the exact measurements and blueprints of the night club.

The project launched in late November of 2013 and the deadline was late December 2013, everything had to be ready and working perfectly for the opening debut of Shine Club. We worked closely with his installer throughout the entire project and were there to answer questions and provide assistance with the installation.

After explaining the magnitude of the project to our customer and his installer they feared that it would go way above budget as well as going beyond the deadline. The concern was a legitimate one but we had confidence that we could meet the deadline and deliver the project at a reasonable cost. If you want to achieve something so unique it doesn’t come cheap. Low cost perhaps, but not cheap.

Lighting Application Products

We had limited time to tie together all of the schematics for our customer and his installer. The team quickly jumped into high gear to meet the desired deadline.

Here’s what we used in the project to achieve a spectacular lighting effect.

  • 1 Madrix Basic Key, the software used in the DJ booth, which is the heart of the installation. This software allows up to 16 DMX Universes, one DMX Universe being 512 channels. So if you do the math you can figure out that is a huge number of DMX channels, 8,192 to be exact.
  • 16 pieces of SIRS-E 5050-LED-RGBWP-24DMX5M. Each DMX RGBLED strip being 16.4ft (5 meters) long. Perhaps you’re wondering how they powered all of these pixel by pixel controlled DMX RGB LED strips. We simplified it for them previously connecting the 32; 5 volt power supplies(SKU:LED-PS5V-40W)with power and DMX cables needed for this installation.
  • 2 DMX-Net8 interfaces to tie everything together into the Madrix Basic Key Software. These interfaces are fully configurable ArtNet Node of 8 DMX universes. You can easily record pre-sets that you have programmed in your software and have full playback capability.

We provided a detailed explanation and plans to the club owner and his installer and then we started on the fun part, the installation.

Installation, Design, & Putting the Puzzle Together

The plan quickly went into action and everyone was ready to get to work right away thanks to the detailed designs and pre-planning. One of the most challenging parts of the project for the installer was making the cables “invisible.”

Thanks to a lot of hard work and effort there are no visible cables going to the DJ booth and the only thing you see on the ceiling is the awesome lighting application. The joint effort and teamwork paid off and the installation was completed with two days to spare.

Professional Programming

We recommended our customer to hire our friend from México City, Roberto Malváez. Roberto Malváez is a highly skilled professional that has years of programming with Madrix Software under his belt. He done the lighting programming for countless night clubs around the world. The club owner decided to hire Roberto so he would get the most bang out of the Madrix Software and achieve the desired effects for his debut opening night.

After about a month of hard work from the SIRS-E team and especially our customer’s installer Shine Club, Lounge l Pool l Cabanas in McAllen, Texas was a huge hit. We were thrilled to help our customer achieve his goal of setting himself apart from the other night clubs in the area. It was exciting to be a part of the team that brought something new to McAllen, TX.