LED Strip Application Shine Club Lounge McAllen

It seems like everyone in the LED lighting industry is claiming that they sell high quality RGB LED Strips.You can find LED light strips from online retailers that specialize in lighting and also on eBay, Amazon, and even Craig’s list. Just because the product description includes the phrase “high quality,” it doesn’t mean they actually fit the criteria that make a strip truly high quality.

At SIRS-E we believe in quality and have done everything possible to bring you the best products. Our strips are made here in the USA and we use only the finest components. To help explain the differences between products we’ve created a couple of videos to help guide you in your decision making process.

Light Output & Consumption

We carry two different types of RGB LED light strips and they are both great products. First I’ll review some of the differences between what we offer in our online store and then speak to how our products compare to other vendors.

They’re both energy efficient; the SIRS-E High Quality RGB LED Strip consumes 41 Watts as opposed to our other product, the Low Cost RGB LED stripversion which consumes 39 Watts.That is only a 2 Watt difference, but the High Quality 5050-LED-RGB strip is about 1.75Xs brighter. That is 75% more light output than our other product!

The additional brightness is because the High Quality RGB strip has a copper PCB board that is 0.40mm thick the voltage drop at the end of the strip is only about 2 volts, compared to our Low Cost RGB strip version having a PCB board thickness of 0.29mm making the voltage drop almost 3 volts.

Color Variation Comparison

There is also another point of comparison between the High Quality RGB LED strip and the Low Cost RGB LED strip is the color variation. When you set your High Quality RGB LED strip to a solid white you will achieve a beautiful and uniform white color in comparison to our Low Cost version achieving a blue tinted white. There are applications for both types of strips, the right choice depends on what your goals are.

SIRS-E Low Cost RGB LED Strips vs. Other Vendors RGB LED Strips

Not all Low Cost RGB LED Strips are created equal. You’re bound to see a lot of variation in pricing when you shop for lighting. You may wonder why you’d want to pay more for the “same” product. Although they are called the same thing, there are vast differences between the components used in manufacturing of the various products.

The only way to produce and sell RGB strip lights at an extremely low price point is to use materials such as copper that has poor purity and inferior color mixing that causes the lights to look like a neon blue instead of a beautiful white. Many of the lighting strips are manufactured overseas in factories with little or no quality standards. You may end up with lighting that’s less efficient than an ancient incandescent light bulb invented by Thomas Edison in the 1800’s.

Support is another consideration, not all lighting suppliers are staffed with trained technicians who are there to answer questions about installation. There’s also nothing worse than receiving a shipment of lighting equipment with no datasheets or installation guidelines.

All of our products are shipped directly from our headquarters in McAllen, Texas. We provide easy access to datasheets and our staff of trained technicians is here to help you create custom solutions and guide you through every step of the installation.