Havana Night Club McAllen Stunning LED Installation Showcase

There was a special vision for this project. The club owner wanted to share a taste his youth and his early years here in the U.S. by updating the Havana Club using inspiration from the Miami clubs he enjoyed during those years.

In addition, he wanted to add a touch of Cuban culture as well as other ethnic backgrounds incorporated within the same establishment.The vision to captivate and attract many different and diverse cultural groups was truly a unique idea and had never been done in McAllen, Texas.

Optimal Visual Lighting Effects

The music that influenced the theme of the Club ranged from Salsa, Merengue, Bachataand the club features live bands. The goal was to attract an older crowd than other night clubs aimed to please. He wanted folks ages 30, an age group was a more sophisticated individual who enjoys going out and having a good time.

He chose a mid 80’s Miami night club style building and achieved the desired effects on the outside of the building; the inside held a diverse new set of challenges for our team to conquer.

The first update to “The Havana club” began in 2008; SIRS-E products were used throughout the project so it made sense to hire our team to design, plan, and install the lighting. We used the club owners ideas for the lighting effects he wanted to achieve and combined them with our expertise and experience to install an application that is now 6 years strong.

Installing the Lighting: A Detailed Plan of Action

The first step is always to come up with a detailed plan of action. It was especially important for this project because each idea had its own unique set of challenges.

Incorporating LED Strip lighting all over the main bar was a huge task due to the fact that the tallest point of the bar stands 25 feet tall at the peak of the structure.

It took some doing and was awkward, but we managed to position ourselves at those heights and create the desired effects using several feet of 5050-LED-RGB-DD strip lights.

The next challenge was the main dome which stands directly above the dance floor; it had to be uniformly illuminated and it had to be bright. Very, very bright. The task called for a custom solution using high power Philips Lumileds to deliver the desired effect. These fixtures gave the dome an amazing uniform wash at all angles.

havana night club led installation

Custom Installation at Havana Night Club

Creating an Amazing VIP Section & Lighting Up the Stage

We used custom mini RGB LED lights in between the couch and the wall in the VIP section of the club. They gave the walls of the room an amazing color wash.

Next up, we had to figure out a way to make another set of custom fixtures for the columns by the table booths and on the outside of the club. We achieved this by fitting Philips Lumileds to custom cut aluminum pieces for the LED’s to sit on. We added Plexiglas added to the visual aspect of the desired mood setting throughout the club.

Last but not least, we had to plan out how to illuminate the stage, for this aspect of the project once again SIRS-E went into action by developing a custom high intensity RGB color wash fixtures. We implemented this in order to get an efficient and uniform color wash for the stage.

Putting All the Pieces Together

The final challenge was connecting everything together. We used full DMX control throughout the installation as well as using a couple anyDMX wireless DMX transceivers. DMX Software and DMX analog consoles allowed each of the DMX lines on the installation to have full customizable control and options for an infinite number of lighting effects.

Night Club Lighting Updates

In March of 2014, the club owner decided it was time to do some renovations to his club and we added 5050-LED-RGB-DD strips to accentuate the height of the main bar. We also added a powerful and versatile luminaire manufactured by Showline Philips to each side of the main bar. We used the same equipment to light up the dancefloor and give it a fresh new look.

If you’re ever in McAllen, Texas be sure to check out this great example of our work and also have a great time!