Why a Flexible Mounting Channel?

The idea came about when trying to solve a need of a client who wanted an easy to use solution that would cut down the time and cost of installing accent lighting for large homes and commercial projects. Aluminum extrusion (channels) can become costly if your linear feet requirements are high and customizing lengths can be cumbersome. As well as increased installation times, additional components including endcaps, mounting clips, and lenses add to the complexity of the process.


While looking at an IP68 LED strip light, the though was, wouldn’t it be great if you could just run a nail straight through the PCB board and mount it directly to the surface? Obviously, you cannot, but you could run it through a flexible material that had no tape lighting in it.

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It would need to be flexible, cuttable at any length, and you should be able to drive a screw, utilize a nail gun, or even use heavy duty staples to mount it against your surface. Next, your IP68 tape lighting should simply pop right into place with little to no effort.

End result

Hence the flexible mounting channel. It is easy to manage, easy to ship, cuttable at any length, and works with IP68 tape light up to 14mm in width. This should take care of most single color, RGB, and RGBW variations. As well, if you have any maintenance requirements or simply decide to change the tape lighting being used, simply pull out the existing strips and pop in your replacements all without have to undo or reinstall the mounting channel.

Other advantages realized after the fact

We have a lot of clients that work in the production and venue industry and it was brought to our attention that many of them would be able to use this product for temporary installations. How is would that be you might ask?

Since the adhesive on the LED tape is not being utilized, nor is any being applied between the mounting channel and the designated surface area, when the event is over, you can simply remove all the lighting by pulling it all out. The option for leaving the mounting channels in place would be between you and your client if they wish to reuse them in the future.

Coming Soon

We will be receiving a few application images of this product being used in large installation to properly portray the versatility of this product. Please check by regularly and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. To view the product page, click this link.