In the lighting industry we hear a lot of technical terms. Most of them we are familiar with, but others may not ring a bell. Regardless, these terms are very useful when understanding how lighting interacts with the world around us. Below we will answer a few questions as to what CRI means, and why it matters. 

What is CRI?

CRI stands for Color Rendering Index. It is an accurate measurement of the capability of a light source to display in high fidelity the true color of various objects in comparison to the natural light of the sun. The CRI values of different light sources guide professionals to decide which product is most fit for their application.

Why does CRI matter?

Light sources with a high CRI are imperative in certain applications where revealing the true color of an object, person, or thing is important. Some examples of applications where a high CRI light source is required include: cinematography, high end jewelry displays, grocery store produce displays, neonatal care, and any application where you want to conserve the fidelity of the colors of surrounding objects. Hi CRI light sources will allow you to impeccably display the natural beauty of the objects within the application. All this being said, be sure to always research the CRI value of all lighting fixtures within your project.

Does SIRS-E®offer high CRI LED Tape?

Definitely. CRI is most relevant in light sources of a white nature. Usually white light is what is used for most task lighting and display applications around the world. It is what we as humans are used to. The sun’s CCT is approximately 5900K, but CRI can be measured throughout the CCT spectrum. The natural color rendering abilities of sunlight themselves are the “measuring stick” used to compare other light sources’ abilities to maintain high color fidelity.

Here at SIRS-E® we are proud to announce that our new line of white tape light has some of the highest CRIs in the industry. CRI is measured in values between 0 and 100. The SIRS-E® AcuVivid series core Kelvin ratings include 2700K, 4000K, and 5500K with respective CRI’s of 95.9, 96.3, and 95.5. We can also produce almost any other color temperature variation upon request with a CRI rating of 95+, and rest assured that all our products have been tested by NVLAP labs to ensure the accuracy of these results. All lab reports are available on the product pages or upon request.