We at SIRS-E®, are excited to inform all our clients that we will be slowly transitioning our web presence to a more business friendly format over the next couple of weeks. The first big change that you will come to notice is the removal of pricing on our current product site to offer clients more control for distribution to end users. Another change will include a shift to a business client focused industry to service mainly lighting professionals.

We are very appreciative for all our current and past clients, and want to ensure that anyone who is currently purchasing with us will not lose their ability to do so as you have helped us to reach this monumental step in our business model. Over the next few weeks you will be noticing tweaks to help improve navigability and highlighting of our core product lines. If you have any questions about this process going forward, please make sure to reach out to us by simply emailing us at contactus@sirs-e.com or calling us at (281) 324-0908.