AcuHue™ CC Line – CC vs CV LED Tape Lighting

CC: Current Controlled

CV: Constant Voltage

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In this video, we explain the differences between a constant voltage (CV) and a current controlled (CC) LED tape lighting. The SIRS-E® AcuHue™ CC series is a current controlled option for our RGBW four channel LED tape lighting. One question that may come to mind is, “Which option is the right one for my project?” Let’s start with identifying the differences.

Current Controlled LED tape lighting regulates light output across your run via IC’s (integrated circuits) as compared to constant voltage which utilizes limiting resistors. The main benefit of current control is that the IC’s will produce an even level of light output from the beginning of your run to the end to create an even visual effect regardless of your voltage loss. With constant voltage strips, with voltage drop across your run, so does the gradual brightness loss from the beginning to the end.

Reasons for a CC solution would possibly be if your specifier has identified even light output for your runs as priority or you have a large installation that require longer lead runs from your power supply to the tape lighting. Depending on your project requirements, the included information should help to clarify the differences as well as allow you to make a more informed decision based on your clients needs.

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