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We are excited to present AcuVivid-Fit. The final trilogy. Proudly Made in Houston, Texas USA. Smaller size with very high performance!

With the latest technology utilized, we were able to create a smaller size (5mm or 0.2 inches width) and very bright LED strip that fits in a very small space.
The AcuVivid-Fit comes with 15 year warranty.

The flexible AcuVivid-Fit strip is available in any white color tones. It has CRI higher than 95 to produce real vivid colors that will highlight your illuminated subjects.

The AcuVivid-Fit is manufactured in Houston, Texas. We are now able to ship it faster since it is now made here in Houston, Texas and we can customize it to meet our customer needs.

AcuVivid-Fit™ Brochure

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