Professional Grade StripFlexLED™ White LED Strip Lights Pro by SIRS-E® – Made in the USA

The StripFlexLED™ 12 Volt White LED Strip Light Tape, UL Listed and proudly Made in the USA by SIRS-E®, is engineered for custom installations demanding high quality. This LED strip offers remarkable illumination with approximately 330 lumens per foot and a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) of about 95, ensuring accurate color representation in various applications. Ready for immediate use, it can also be cut to specific sizes for tailored lighting solutions. The set includes tape connectors for rejoining cut segments, ideal for extending the strip or navigating around obstacles. Suitable for a range of accent lighting needs such as cabinet, tray ceiling, or shelving lighting, it requires a SIRS-E®, or compatible 12V power supply and can be enhanced with an optional dimmer or switch.

This comprehensive LED Strip Light offers five color options: Warm White, Soft White, Bright White, Daylight, and Cool White. Designed for easy installation, the LED strips feature an adhesive backing.

Premium Quality Made in USA

Video – Best LED Strip Light: StripFlexLED™ by SIRS-E®

Best LED Strip Light: StripFlexLED™ by SIRS-E® | Easy Install, USA Made, Professional Grade