SIRS-E High Quality Flexible DMX Cable, 5 Pin XLR


SIRS-E High Quality Flexible DMX Cable, 5 Pin XLR

High Quality handmade cable.

The SIRS-E DMXN20-5D DMX Cable, made in the USA, features high-quality 5-pin XLR Neutrik Connectors and utilizes Rapco Horizon’s 110-ohm digital Pro Lighting Cable. This cable is commonly used in theatrical productions, concerts, and other live events for controlling stage lighting and effects. DMX (Digital Multiplex) cables are specifically designed to carry digital signals for such applications.

This specific cable is equipped with 5-pin Neutrik XLR male and female connectors. It’s essential to ensure that this is compatible with your equipment. The durable, high-quality Neutrik connectors and Rapco Horizon cable are designed to withstand the rigors of live performance settings.

Keep in mind, it’s crucial to use DMX cables for DMX lighting, and not microphone cables, even if they might have similar XLR connectors. Most microphone cables are not designed to carry digital DMX signals.


Main Features

  • High Quality & Heavy-Duty DMX Cable hand-made in the USA
  • DMX512 and AES/EBU digital cable with 2 pairs of 24 AWG stranded bare copper.
  • Features cellular polyethylene insulation, an overall shield, and a matte PVC jacket.
  • 5-Pin male & female connector with Nickel housing and silver contacts.
  • Rugged zinc Diecast shell, long-lasting and dependable.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Technical Specifications

  • Conductor:  AWG Size and Stranding: 24 AWG 7 strands 32 AWG
  • Conductor Material:  Bare annealed copper
  • Capacitance Between Conductors: 13.5 pF/ft @ 1 kHz 7.2
  • Capacitance Conductor to Shield: 25 pF/ft @ 1 kHz 7.3
  • Characteristic Impedance: 110 ohms +/- 15 ohms @ 1 MHz
  • Length: 20ft
  • Weight:  14oz

Material Used