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RGBA LED STRIP 4-in-1 High Quality IP68 – Amber


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Product Description

Tech Specs:

  • 4-in-1 RGBA Color (RGB plus Amber)
  • Double Density 72 LED/m
  • Submersible IP68
  • 16.4 ft / 5m Reel
  • 12V DC, 70.45 W, 5006 lumens
  • Part Number: 5050-LED-4RGBA-72-AWP3


With 4-in-1 LED strips by SIRS-E®, you can include a 4th diode with-in the same LED strip that allows you to add a variable color such as amber, neutral white, and warm white. Utilizing a 72 LED per meter strip while maintaining the 5050 LED diode allows for ideal lighting distribution and maximum output. 4-in-1 LED strip lights let you create billions of colors by just mixing red, green, blue, and variable 4th color. This multi-color and easy to install product can be used for:

  • Architectural needs,
  • Kitchen cabinets,
  • Wall wash,
  • Home decorative tape,
  • Business cabinets and displays,
  • Vehicles,
  • Accent lighting,
  • Trade company videos,
  • Custom color changing fixtures,
  • Outdoors,
  • Live event & stage applications,
  • Store decorative rope,
  • and much more.

4-in-1 LED strips are offered in many variations such as RGB + Amber, RGB + Neutral White, and RGB + Warm White and varying IP ratings such as IP40 (non-waterproof), IP67 (waterproof), or IP68 (submersible). Please contact us by phone or email with your feedback and/or any questions you may have.


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