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DMX-SYNC Data Synchronizer

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Tech Specs:

  • 432W Max
  • IP Rating IP40, Non-Waterproof
  • Input: 12-24V DC
  • Output: To LED
  • Flicker Free: 5.2 kHz
  • Part Number: DMX-SYNC-X

Product Features

The DMX-SYNC allows you to have continuous LED strip runs while minimizing voltage drop on a continuous circuit while maintaining DMX flicker free control for dimming and/or color mixing. The DMX-SYNC prevents flickering caused by multiple DMX decoders de-synchronizing when connected to the same strip.

Voltage drop on RGB and RGBW will prevent uniform color distribution across an LED strip. This is critical for lighting applications such as LED displays, TV studio lighting, cove lighting, large building facades, architectural lighting, and other high end applications. With this product, you can decide what percentage of voltage drop you want to have by putting DMX controllers and DMX-SYNCs as needed on a continuous circuit (refer to application diagram above).

The DMX-SYNC works by converting a digital signal (PWM) into an analog voltage to avoid frequency desynchronization and provide a more stable, flicker-free control. The enclosure is built with a high-quality ABS material and the internal components are encapsulated with epoxy resin for maximum durability, heat dissipation, protection, and performance.

Not compatible with magnetic low voltage power supplies.