Klus Aluminum Extrusion B5554 for 5050 LED Strips


Klus Aluminum Extrusion B5554 for 5050 LED Strips

Tech Specs:

  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Compatible with Covers: KLUS-17011
  • Length: 1m (3.28′) or 2m (6.56′)
  • Mounting Options: double sided mounting tape, mounting glue, or screws
  • Certification: CE, UR


The Klus -B5554 is one of Klus’ s interior surface mount extrusion. It’s shallow housing is designed for flexible or hard LED strips that are up to 10mm (0.39″) wide. The fixture is suitable for illumination of certain areas without visible LED dots. Light transmission may vary depending on LEDs used or desired cover. The shape of the fixture is dedicated to be mounted into ceilings and drywall. The height of the extrusion is designed to produce a single line of light with 2 LEDs strips spaced 15mm from the cover. Extrusion can be mounted to a surface with the use of mounting springs. On its own, profile is not waterproof and it is not recommended to be applied if directly exposed to weather conditions. This extrusion is designed to be used primarily for interior lighting. When combined with a proper cover and end caps , this setup is capable of withstanding most weather conditions, UV radiation and is a great fire retardant. This standard quality fixture is great for installations in order to add that final touch to your project, indoors or out.

This product is compatible with SIRS-E-LED Strips including:

  • 5050 RGB, 5050 RGBW, 5050 DMX, 5050 Waterproof, or 5050 White variants
  • 3528 Single Color or 3528 White variants
  • 3528 Waterproof variants

Note: This product is compatible all SIRS-E-LED Strip variants.


  • Ideal for walkways, rails, stairs, signs, advertisement and cabaret, cabinet, furniture, landscape and architectural lighting. This include Cove, Edge and Contour lighting.
  • Easy installation dedicated for room- and deco-light!

**To see how many meters you can use together, refer to the controllers specs.

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Klus Architectural Extrusion Applications Sheet

SKU# Klus-B5554


1 Meter Extrusion (3.28 ft), 2 Meter Extrusion (6.56 ft)


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