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Outdoor Mounting Channel CC68

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Outdoor Mounting Channel Datasheet
Compatible IP68 Tape Lighting:
AcuHue™ CC RGBW Series


The Outdoor “CC” Mounting Channel offers a permanent solution for attaching SIRS-E® waterproof rated AcuHue™ CC series of LED tape lighting to surfaces that are less than ideal for adhesive use. Aside from the included 3M VHB adhesive on our LED strips, this durable and flexible silicon channel is used in situations where regular adhesive can deteriorate over time. Resistant to UV, salt, and general weather conditions. This product offers a safe and reliable alternative for LED strip mounting by mechanical means.

This durable and flexible silicone extrusion can be mounted by simply driving screws (or nails) through the inner molding and out the backside onto the surface of choice. Once the clear extrusion is fastened into place, simply pop in your outdoor rated LED tape lighting with the LED diodes facing outward.

*Note: Heavy duty industrial staples can also be used for mounting this extrusion to the desired surface.