DMX Address Module & Tool


DMX Address Module & Tool

The DMX Address Module is used to set the starting address of our Direct DMX RGB LED tape lighting. This module allows the user to manually set starting addresses of segments where the automatic addressing of 001 is unwanted. This module requires a 5VDC power supply which can be obtained from a parallel connection to the tape lightings power supply. Simply connect the main DMX input to the “IN” AND THE “OUT” GOES STRAIGHT TO THE led Pixel Strip XLR 5-Pin DMX input.

For every new readdressed starting point, you will need to make sure to add a 5-pin XLR Harness and DMX Filter Module to you new segment runs.



Downloadable Documentation: DMX Address Module Datasheet

Compatible Strip(s): Direct DMX RGB LED Tape Lighting

Accessories: 5-Pin XLR Harness, DMX Filter Module