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DMX Address Module & Tool


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Product Description

The DMX Re-Address Module Tool, in essence, is a DMX Addressing tool which allows you to set the initial DMX Address of any auto addressable fixture, which may not have the capability of setting its own starting DMX address other than 001. Here at SIRS-E, we have found this module to be very useful for setting the starting DMX address of our DMX RGB LED Strip. Having a default starting DMX address of 001 is not always the best option, that’s why we have incorporated this device in our online catalog for your convenience. The DMX Address Module is very easy to use. It is connected between the DMX input signal, and the XLR connector of the DMX RGB LED Strip, through a special included connector which has a 3 pin XLR male and female and supplied with the same 5 V DC used to power the DMX RGB LED Strip. The address is set with the addressing knobs, which allow you to set values anywhere from 001-512.

Connector cable is included.