Chromateq Club 512 USB to DMX Interface


Chromateq Club 512 USB to DMX Interface

Professional package for entry-level budgets and users seeking an easy-to-operate DMX control system. Attractively-priced for tight budgets, small projects, DMX system testing and promotional packages. Newly designed aluminium housing with beautiful finish and updated electronics that work with all the latest 2022 Chromateq software (as well as older versions of LED Player and Pro DMX).

Capable of 3 trigger options and equipped with DC 5-18V input this USB to DMX controller includes an infrared remote control and USB 5V power supply in the package. It is the perfect hardware for easy integration projects.

Attractive Price – Entry-level controller is ideal for tight budget and small projects, lighting test and promotion packages
DMX Live & Stand Alone – Outstanding functionality and reliability for both live show control and permanent lighting installations
I/O and Triggers – Infrared LED, 3 Contacts and 5-18V DC input Infrared Remote unit and 5V USB PSU are included in CLUB 512 package only
Beautiful redesigned housing – DMX IN/OUT port ruggedly built into a new sleek stackable modular aluminium design
International Warranty – 1 or 3 year warranty with lifetime free software updates

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Compatible Software Download Link:

All Lighting Management Software are Free and require a Chromateq™ Device or Interface to transform your computer into an impressively adaptable and effective DMX Controller.

The new Club 512 can be integrated into scalable control systems designed for live performance or fixed installation, or deployed individually without a computer as an elegantly simple but sophisticated standalone control solution.

Infrared Remote:

Hardware & DMX (Software & Live) CLUB 512

LED PLAYER, PRO DMX (in/Out) 512
Max Device Connected x12 USB interfaces connected = 12 DMX max
USB-C Yes (5V. DC, 0.1A)
Dimensions (mm / in) H: 55 (2.16), W: 50 (1.96), D: 37.5 (1.47)
Weight / Operating Temperature / Certification 0.085 Kg (0.187 lb) / -40 to +85 C° / CE, RoHS
International Warranty 3 Year

Stand Alone

Zone (Scene play a time) 1
USB Type C Yes
Power (Input) Input: 5V, 0.1A (USB-C) / 5-18V DC (connectors), output : 5V DC

Memory (Stand Alone)

Memory Step capacity 200 ~ 2000 (200 Kb)
Max Scene capacity 512

Triggers (Stand Alone)

Smart Contacts on 3~5V (on, on/off, release, start, priority, commands) 3 (7 contacts max)
Infrared remote (scenes, play, pause, dimmer, speed, black out) Yes (Remote Unit is Optional)
Included (CLUB 512)

Software Options

Chromateq 2022 software Yes
PRO DMX Yes, No Audio and Video Timeline
STUDIO DMX 3D viewer in real time (Full mode)
WI-LIGHT 2 – Mobile APP Software control from a mobile and LAN
Art-Net / sACN in/Out​ No
Worldwide Technical Support​ Yes, English, French, Chinese​​

Art-Net, sACN, DVI, DMX in/Out

LED PLAYER / PRO DMX / PIXXEM (In/Out) 1×512 per connected devices
DMX Input, control and Record 512
ART-NET, sACN Input No


MIDI, RS232, Wi-Light 2, UDP, Keyboard, Hyperlinks Yes
MIDI Control, Audio BEAT, BPM, Wi-Light 2 Yes
User Interface customization Yes


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