Baxter Pocket Console Rack Mount 2


Baxter Pocket Console Rack Mount 2

The Rackmount-2™ is similar to the original Pocket Console® DMX, except it was designed for permanent installations: Workstations, Stage Manager Panels, LX workboxes, or anyplace else that needs easy access to a fully patchable DMX universe.

It comes with both flush mount XLR or terminal block DMX outputs, a 120v-9v Power Supply, eight fully patchable manual sliders plus eight bump buttons. DMX runs at high speed (44Hz) and the RACK MOUNT-1™ utilizes flash memory for a non-volatile patch.


  • DMX Output: Board mounted terminal block
  • Optional FlushMount Faceplate 5 pin XLR available
  • Data Output: DMX-512 1990 standard, 44Hz
  • Memory: Non-Volatile Flash


  • Number of Channels: 8 with Momentary BUMP buttons
  • Patch: Fully independent 512 DMX to 1-8 Channels

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