S-PLAY Smart Light Show Controller


S-PLAY Smart Light Show Controller

The revolutionary smart show controller for hassle-free, professional light shows
and automated projects.

Engineered for projects that require precise automation, the S-PLAY smart light show controller is your all-in-one solution for the creation, recording, triggering, and activation of not only light shows but video, non-lighting events, and much more. Play back multiple shows simultaneously and install it virtually anywhere with flexible mounting options.

Downloadable Documentation:
User Manual
TouchOSC Guide
Remote Access Guide

Firmware v2.1.1
Release Notes

Use the web interface to manually create static scenes, RGB(W). Create Effects & Gradients. Alternatively, you can record up to 32 eDMX universes through either sACN, Art-Net, or two physical universes using the S-PLAY’s rear DMX ports.
Using the intuitive timeline editor, multiple recordings and scenes can be stitched together whilst adding popular AV specific triggers such as OSC, UDP, contact closure and more, allowing the S-PLAY to integrate into the heart of any control system.
Play back multiple shows simultaneously using the internal scheduler, your own custom user interface, or when triggered in real time by building automation software (e.g. Control4), iPad Apps, pressure pads, motion detectors, push buttons and much more!

S-PLAY glossary

  • CUE: The basic building block of your show – can be a static scene, an effect/ generated generated by the S-Play, or a dynamic recording.
  • TRIGGER: Control information transmitted into the S-Play, allowing for the activation of a cue/playlist.
  • EVENT: Control information transmitted out of the S-Play, allowing for the activation of an external device.
  • PLAYLIST: A sequence of cues, effects, triggers, and events that are activated on a timeline.
  • INTERFACE: A user-definable set of buttons and sliders to control a playlist. This presents end users of the installation with a scalable web page that displays only the playlist controls they need and adapts to their screen size.
  • SCHEDULE: An action that can either play, pause or stop a playlist based on a fixed time, moon cycle or inline with sunrise and sunset.


  • Reliable, compact solid state design: the perfect tool for installations.
  • In-built controls to create, record and play cues.
  • Web based scene, gradient generator and FX engine allowing full show creation to be carried out on the S-play itself.
  • Internal memory (8GB) supporting over 10 hours of 32 universe recording at 44FPS (plug in an external Micro SD card to increase this recording size up to 64GB).
  • Up to 32 Universes of Art-Net and sACN recording & playback.
  • Monitor DMX values when recording cues.
  • Variable Art-Net/sACN refresh rate (60FPS max.).
  • Four digital inputs to trigger device from external sources.
  • Two-Universe physical DMX input or output.
  • Two relay outputs to control external devices.
  • Create playlists from dynamic, static and internal effect cues.
  • Send options: RS232, UDP, OSC, Art-Net, sACN, DMX & Digital Inputs.
  • Remote trigger options: RS232, UDP, OSC, Art-Net, sACN, DMX & Digital Inputs.
  • Create custom web interfaces.

Inputs / outputs

  • 10/100 network port with Power over Ethernet (If you are not using PoE, the S-PLAY supports a direct 12-24vDC power input through a DC jack).
  • 2 x bi-directional 5-pin XLR DMX Ports for recording or playing back shows.
  • Bi-directional serial port to send or receive RS232 commands.
  • 4 x Digital contact closure inputs for detecting switching.
  • 2 x change over relays for controlling analog or switchable hardware.

Say hello to S-PLAY:
The smart controller for light shows.

In simple terms, think of it as being like a scene & animated effect creation engine, a 32 universe DMX recorder & playback engine and host for control interfaces that can send multiple AV specific protocols all rolled into one.

With a built-in effects generator and intuitive, onboard controls to record, edit, schedule and play scenes, you don’t have to be an experienced lighting designer or systems integrator to conjure up amazing shows using our smart light show controller, but your audience will think you are. Plug and play show control technology has never before looked so good or been this easy to master.

You can even create your own custom web interfaces too – allowing you to present your end users with as much or as little control as they need!

With countless applications from theatrical or entertainment events to architectural design and smart home integrations, the S-PLAY is the dream companion for any automation project. You can even remotely access your S-Play from anywhere in the world via the internet or a 4G router!

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