PLink Injector


PLink Injector

The smart way to connect your Pixel lights

The PLink Injector has been engineered to work alongside your Pixelator to extend your LED pixel layout over long distances.

The PLink Injector has been engineered to work as part of an ENTTEC Pixelator Series set up to make it fast, easy and affordable for you to control LED pixel strips or pixel dots over long distances. The injector features an external DC power supply as well as high-power screw terminal connectors. In addition, they are ideal for custom shape pixel LED installations and their scalable design is perfect for large projects.

You can choose from the 5V or 12-24V options depending upon your layout. Then simply re-inject power from an external source, and you’re away!

Depending on your applications, our Plink Injector comes also in a rugged IP66-rated version, ideal for extreme weather conditions and outdoor installations.

Downloadable Documentation:
PLink Datasheet
PLink Application Diagram


  • Each PLink port can drive up to 340 RGB individual pixels (2 DMX universes)
  • The PLink is designed for use with the Pixelator system
  • External DC power supply
  • Data extensions up to 300 meters over Cat5/Cat5e/Cat6 cable
  • Small, light and easy to hide design
  • Scalable design for large projects
  • Ideal for custom shape pixel LED installations
  • High power screw terminal connectors
  • Easy wiring using Cat5/Cat5e/Cat6 standard connections

What is the ENTTEC PLink (Pixel Link) system?
ENTTEC’s Pixel link protocol (or PLink) has been specially designed to extend your LED Pixel or Constant Voltage layout over long distances.

The PLink Injectors receive PLink protocol from a Pixelator family controller. Our protocol transmits up to 1024 channels (2 Universes) over a 300m distance using Cat5e/Cat6 cable from a Pixelator product to each PLink Injector. This means that each injector can control 340 RGB or 256 RGBW pixels. As a result, this satellite system provides great flexibility, and since the Pixelator processes all data conversion, the PLink injector is kept as compact as possible.  

The Pixelator family is a group of products that converts sACN, Art-Net, ESP, and Kling-Net into PLink data. 2 Universes are then sent through either 8 (24 universes) or 24 (48 universes) RJ-45 ports with perfect synchronization across all eight of its outputs.  Alternatively, use ENTTEC’s CVC4 to control Constant Voltage (CV) LED tape using the same method!

PLink Injector Diagram

SKU# 73546 (5V) 73544 (12V – 24V)


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