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Enttec DIN-RELAY 4


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Product Description

The DIN-RELAY4 is a DIN-RAIL mount four output relay module. The DIN-RELAY4 can act as a switch to toggle loads with external power supply such as lights. Also could be connected to third party control systems like PLCs to advice about any supported event within your lighting control system. All this triggered by any event in the DIN-TEC network. Each Channel has “common”, “normally open” and “normally closed” terminals and supports up to 0.5 Amps, 250 Volts for AC and 1 Amp, 220 Volts DC for DC loads.

Employ the DIN-RELAY4 if you need a relay output to act when a trigger action is meaningful to any other DIN-NET module, such us a switch, wall plate or sensor connected to a DIN-INPUT, or a serial action coming from an DIN-RS232.