CQSA-E 1024 / PRO Ethernet to DMX Stand Alone Interface


CQSA-E 1024 / PRO Ethernet to DMX Stand Alone Interface

The new CQSA-E includes an Ethernet port in addition to the USB port. This gives long distance access and communication with the device anywhere on a Local network (LAN & WLAN) or on the Internet (via Web server). Connected to an access point or a router you have easy control with a mobile or tablet using the Wi-Light 2 APP. Same hardware features as the CQSA 1024 with ETHERNET port for Local Area Network.

A 6-in-1 multiprotocol Stand Alone device featuring DMX playback, DMX In/Out, Art-Net Out, sACN Out, Node (Art-Net to DMX decoder), and Splitter, the CQSA-E is a versatile and essential tool designed to meet the needs of the widest array of lighting projects, Live performances and installations.


  • Live and Stand Alone – Outstanding functionality and reliability for both live show control and permanent installations of lighting
  • Ethernet LAN / WLAN – Scalable, up to 128 connected interfaces via Ethernet. Remote communication anywhere on the network
  • ART-NET and sACN – Broadcast/multicast to 8 Art-Net/sACN universes from a micro SD card over Ethernet in Stand-alone
  • NODE – ART-NET Decoder – Art-Net to DMX decoder and converter translates Art-Net data and outputs DMX signals via 2 DMX ports
  • DMX – 2×512 DMX outputs per interface. Split, Merge, Trigger, Record DMX data via our softwares
Easy and simple Web remote operation:

  • Create your user account (login, email, password) and log in with Wi-Light 2
  • Register connected devices to your account (internet connection required)
  • Start Wi-Light 2 to see and select connected devices
  • Remotely program your CQSA-E controllers and light shows from anywhere
  • Configure the CQSA-E remotely from any smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Perform maintenance of projects, update the firmware or program remotely
  • No additional hardware or software required and no monthly fees or subsciptions

The CQSA-E is compatible with all Chromateq software, it can be integrated into scalable control systems designed for live performance or fixed installation, or deployed individually without a computer as an elegantly simple but sophisticated standalone control solution.

All Chromateq Lighting Management Software are Free and require a Chromateq™ Device or Interface to transform your computer into an impressively adaptable and effective DMX Controller.

Wi Light 2 – App (V.1.2)
A powerful easy-to-use mobile app that enables remote lighting control over a WiFi connection. The second generation of the Wi-Light App has been completely redesigned to provide tight integration with the latest versions of Chromateq software and new Ethernet-enabled stand alone devices such as the CQSA-E 1024 or CQSA-E Pro.

The latest release gives the possibility to command your Chromateq software and Chromateq devices over Internet with the new Web remote options and online Chromateq server service. Just register a user account, associate your device locally on Network and then take control instantly of your CQSA-E device or Software installation anywhere in the world.

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Download Wi-Light 2 APK installation for ANDROID Here.


Hardware & DMX (Software & Live)

LED PLAYER / PRO DMX / PIXXEM (In/Out) 1024 (2×512)
Web Remote over Internet Yes (Free, no year additional fees)
Ethernet (10 Mb/s) Yes (LAN, Internet, compatible with Wifi routers)
USB Yes (Mini USB, 5V. DC, 0.2A)
Max interface connected 12 (USB – 24 DMX) / 128 (Ethernet – 256 DMX)
RDM (Remote Device Management, Bi-directional DMX communication) Yes, Pro DMX 2 only
Weight / Operating Temperature / Certification 0.21 Kg (0.46 lb) / -40 to +85 C° / CE, RoHS
Dimensions (mm / in) H: 170 (6.69), W: 100 (3.94), D: 40 (1.57)
International Warranty 5 Years


Stand Alone

DMX Out (16-bit channels) 1024 (2×512, 2U.)
Zone (Scene play a time) 5
MASTER / SLAVE Synchro (Wired + Ethernet) Yes, (32 max wired / 128 max Ethernet)
Art-Net / sACN (Stand Alone, requires a Class 10 microSD card) 8×512 Out (8 universes on micro SD)
NODE (Art-Net & sACN to DMX decoder, DHCP, IP, unicast, broadcast) 2×512 Out per interface
Wi-Light 2 APP Configuration Yes (LAN, Web, Internet)
Power Input: 5~24V DC, 0.25A / Output: 5V DC
Default start scene, Automatic Scene Recovery if off, Scene priority, Clock Yes


Memory (Stand Alone)

Memory Step capacity 2K ~ 10K
Internal memory (No SD required) Yes, 4Mb
Max Scene capacity 5×512
SD Card expansion slot (Class 10 Micro SD) Yes (FAT format, max. 256 GB, Class 10)


Triggers (Stand Alone)

Buttons (8x scene/colour playback, 4x function menu navigation) Yes
RTC (Built in Clock and Calendar with Hour, Day, Week, Month, Year) Yes
Wi-Light 2 APP, UDP, JSON (requires a WIFI router) Yes (LAN, Internet)
UDP / Ethernet triggers and commands (from SDK) Yes (for 3rd part software or device)
Commands from the Contacts (speed, scene, dimmer, zone, pause) Yes
DMX In Trigger & Merge DMX (Signal from other DMX devices) Yes
Master/Slave Port or Ethernet Yes (x32 wired or x128 by Ethernet)
Mode activation & Manual Clock setting Yes
Infrared remote (scene, zones, play, pause, dimmer, speed, black out, colours) Optional (Need the IR Kit)
Light Intensity sensor Optional (Need the IR Kit)



Software CQSA-E 1024 | CQSA-E Pro
LED PLAYER Up to 64×512 DMX Outputs
PRO DMX 30 mns Audio and Video Timeline
PIXXEM Up to 255×512 DMX Outputs
STUDIO DMX 3D viewer in real time (Full mode)
WI-LIGHT 2 – Mobile APP (Android, iOS, Win, Mac, Linux) Software and device control from LAN
2022 Chromateq software Yes
Worldwide Technical Support Yes, English, Spanish


Art-Net, sACN, DVI

Art-Net, sACN, DVI CQSA-E 1024 CQSA-E Pro
ART-NET, sACN Output (LED PLAYER, PRO DMX) 2×512 (1024) 16×512 (Pro)
ART-NET, sACN Input No (1024) Yes (Pro)
ART-NET, sACN Output (PIXXEM) 8×512 (1024) 64×512 (Pro)
DVI supported resolution (PIXXEM) 128×128 / 16 384 pixels (1024) 1024×768 / 78 6432 pixels (Pro)


Trigger and additional options

Trigger and additional options CQSA-E 1024 CQSA-E Pro
MTC, MIDI TIME CODE No (1024) Yes (Pro)
PC Clock (Calendar, Time) No (1024) Yes (Pro)
Multiple Timeline and Import No (1024) Yes (Pro)
Timeline Live Record No (1024) 1024×768 / 78 6432 pixels (Pro)
MIDI, RS232, DMX IN, UDP, Keyboard, Hyperlinks Yes (1024) Yes (Pro)
MIDI control, Audio BEAT, BPM, WI-LIGHT 2 Yed (1024) Yes (Pro)
User Interface customization Yes (1024) Yes (Pro)


Downloadable Documentation:
Chromateq CQSA-E 1024 Brochure
Chromateq CQSA-E Pro Brochure
Chromateq CQSA-E 1024 / PRO Datasheet
Chromateq Package Features Table
Software Download



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