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Floating RGBW LED Coves, SIRS-E Showroom

The RGBW LED technology has allowed a further level of color and saturation control when it comes to ambient and mood lighting. Aside from the main colors red, green, and blue that provide the punchy saturated color mixes, a white diode has been introduced to the package to obtain a greater refined spectrum. In other words, the RGBW LED Technology of our AcuHue series LED Tape product does not limit the user to fully saturated colors at all times that may not be appropriate for every mood. It opens the doors to a world of colors never before possible with typical RGB LED products. As seen in the SIRS-E Floating RGBW LED Coves, the washed out pastel look is possible with the AcuHue Series LED tape used in the design.

Custom design by SIRS-E