Christian Family Center – LED Pixel “Stained Glass” Panels

When SIRS-E was approached by Centro familiar Cristiano,  Iglesia Verdad en Amor to give their stage and sanctuary area a more vivid appeal, we got an idea. By making use of the already existing window panes that had been covered up, we retrofitted into the frames custom made diffused LED panel light boxes. Lined with the RGBW AcuHue series product, we were able to achieve a very colorful and even look. No harsh lines or pixelation are visible within the panels and that is all thanks to the design techniques and nature of the product used. Paired with a Madrix control system, the panel display can go from chasing tiles, to slower paced looks to fit any mood that the worship service may call for. Best of all, the RGBW option gives you better control over the hue and saturation of the colors being displayed.

Custom design and programming by SIRS-E

Pixel LED Stained Glass 1

Pixel LED Stained Glass 2

Pixel LED Stained Glass 3

Pixel LED Stained Glass 4