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High Quality RGB LED Strip & WP


High Quality RGB LED Strip & WP (Waterproof)

In this section you will find the new High Quality RGB LED STRIP & WP (Waterproof) have 50% more light output than Low Cost RGB LED Strip & WP. We have improved the copper PCB thickness and purity to minimize voltage drop and increase efficiency across the strip. We are also using a new 5050 LED chip with a much higher Lumen per Watt Ratio than the Low Cost Version RGB LED Strip.

The Low Cost RGB LED Strip & WP is the equivalent to the low cost product that you will find at other on-line retailers. Some retailers ship from China but you can buy Low Cost RGB LED Strip & WP directly from us and shipped from USA. Readily available are datasheets that we have created for your convenience for each of the 4 variations of Low Cost RGB LED Strip & WP that we carry. Take a look!

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