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SIRS-E: {semiconductor • illumination • research • solutions}

Our everyday work consists of designing linear LED technical solutions for lighting professionals. The SIRS-E team service is totally complementary to our customers. Our customers are some of the most talented designers, of which each have their own style and taste. They know the luminous effect they want to obtain. We want our customers to share with us their linear LED lighting ideas so that we can design the driver and control systems. Included in the design are: dedicated drivers for load management, superior sophisticated controls, very simple end user operation, and low maintenance features.

Design pros, building owners, and creative people all know what they want, we know how to make it happen. Call for FREE assistance, consultation, and advice.

We design strips in USA and locally manufacture most of them, we love our products and our customers.


If you have any questions, please contact us at (281)324-0908 or email us at