SIRS-E® Team at Your Service

SIRS-E® has been operating since 2005 and specializes in the supply, consulting and manufacturing of high quality LED Strip lighting and DMX Control Systems. We are committed to designing solutions to the challenges faced by lighting designers and architectural installers while providing complete solutions of LED linear illuminated applications.

Our commercial, logistic, financial and technical staff always assures you:

  • Quality
  • Best Price
  • Technical Support
  • On Time Delivery
  • Long LED Life and Superior Warranties
  • Maximum Attention to Customers

This is why since 2005 we have a team of people and not just computers and machines:

  • Juan
  • Federico
  • Martin
  • Diego
  • Fausto
  • Yancy
  • Magdiel
  • Ralph
  • Mark
  • Lidia
  • ……….. We are people not computers, and we are at your service!

We design strips in USA and locally manufacture most of them, we love our products and our customer.

God Bless America!