UL-Listed LED Fluorescent Retrofit Kit Lighting Facts Certified

SIRS-E® is committed to supporting the continuous improvement in the quality of LED products as a replacement for other harmful and inefficient forms of lighting. To prove this commitment, we have obtained the approval of LED Lighting Facts, a program launched by the U.S. Department of Energy, for our LED Fluorescent Retrofit Kit.

While UL guarantees the safety of our product, LED Lighting Facts ensures that it meets your expectation for performance. By pledging to reveal the exact performance results acquired from extensive testing by a certified laboratory, you can rest assured that our Retrofit Kit will perform precisely as we’ve stated, allowing you to make a more informed and confident purchase.

You can verify our certification through LED Lighting Facts by visiting their website and searching for SIRS Electronics at the bottom of the page. For more information on our LED Fluorescent Retrofit Kit, please visit the product page and learn about all the benefits switching over to LED lighting can provide.