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LED Fluorescent Retrofit Kit UL Listed Class 2

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Upgrade your 2 x 4 fluorescent lighting fixtures with our new LED Retrofit Kit. This kit comes with everything you need to plug and play and start saving on electric and maintenance costs and create a slick, modern ambiance in your home or business.

This LED Retrofit Kit is UL Listed, Class 2 and also certified by Lighting Facts.
To see our UL certification, please visit the Online Certificate Directory  and search our File Number E479339 in the box for UL File Number.
You can visit Lighting Facts’ website at http://www.lightingfacts.com/Products scroll down to Search Products By Keyword and search our name as SIRS Electronics for more info.

Negatives of Fluorescent Lighting

  • Inefficient power usage
  • Short life span
  • High heat emission
  • Cause of migraines, eye strain and stress
  • Release harmful UV rays
  • Difficult to dispose of

Benefits of LEDs

  • Lifespan up to 5-7 times longer
  • Low energy usage
  • Functional in cold weather
  • Bright, crisp white light
  • No UV rays or mercury

Custom Kit Includes

  • 4X Dual-Density Neutral White LED Strips with connectors (4ft custom segments)
  • 1X Meanwell 12V 60W Power Supply with connectors

Tech Specs

  • Power Supply Specs:
    Input: 90-264VAC  50/60Hz
    Max Voltage Output: 12VDC
    Max Current Output: 5A
    Max Power Output: 60W
    Weight: 1.3lbs
  • LED Strips Specs:
    Input: 12VDC
    Length: 4ft segments
    LED Type: High Quality 5050 SMD
    Density: Double 60 LEDs/m (18 LEDs per ft)
    Color: Neutral White 5000-6000K
    Power Consumption: 3.52W/ft
    Operating Temperature: -20°F to 120°F