Cove Lighting RGBW for Modern Home Design

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Additional Information:

At SIRS-E®, we have made access to our sales engineers easier than ever to all lighting professionals. We specialize in complex RGBW installs utilizing DMX512-A control systems and our high quality and safe UL Listed products are in stock and readily available.

The idea behind this project was to transform the living space of an older home into a more modern look accomplished by the use of LED lighting.

Typical of that of older homes, and even newly built homes alike, this structure included out of date light fixtures utilizing your typical ceiling fan with one bulb for the living space along with a single bulb down lighting for the nook area. Being both highly inefficient and essentially a poor source of lighting for the size and space associated, a drastic change was needed to revitalize the area that can be managed for everyday use along with mood creating characteristics that can come from color changing effects for social gatherings, parties, and/or any hosting event.

Before the lighting:
First steps in a design project, is to make sure you have the right canvas to work with. In order for enhanced lighting to produce the results you would like, walls and obstructing barriers need to be facilitated to better accommodate your lighting goals. In this case, dark wood wall paneling was removed from all surrounding wall space, as well as an island with the ceiling supported cabinets acting as a barrier between the main living space and nook area. The walls were repainted with a clean white finish to allow for the reflecting off both white lighting and various color tones. With the removal of the ceiling cabinets, a seamless cove installation can now be created across a clean open setting.

Now for the lighting aspects:
For this installation, the requirements included the desire for a nice daylight white lighting for everyday use with the option of mood creating color schemes for hosting gatherings and events with family and friends. The perfect solution included our SIRS-E® 4-in-1 RGBW LED strips with a neutral white option. The neutral white will act as a replacement to traditional lighting, while the RGB can be used for mood setting aesthetics. Best of all, in a 4-in-1 LED strip, the neutral white can be blended with your RGB color mixing features to offer color variations such as pastels that cannot be obtained by an RGB strip alone. The living space was also accommodated with clean ceiling flushed down LED lighting to offer a modern look along with additional task lighting whenever needed.

Taking away from concepts regularly used in television studio settings, a DMX installation was utilized for the level of controllability, additional features, and a flicker free setting that will prevent distorted pictures or video caused by fluctuated signal and voltage running through lighting installations. Let’s face it, we live in a mobile world where we love to snap and record every moment. If this room will be used for hosting parties and gatherings, we need to make sure it can be properly documented and recorded. This installation includes SIRS-E®’s DMX-CON4 series decoders, a ART 500 USB DMX Wall Mount Controller as the programmable DMX control, and ENTTEC D-SPLIT as a DMX distribution hub between the controller and decoders.

Cove Lighting:
Cove lighting offers a perfect option whenever you are trying to produce a modern look in any setting. It provides functionality along with mood setting characteristics through the use of colors and dimming features well associated with LED linear lighting strips.’

End Result:
Not only easy on the eyes, an open and multifunction living space with a modern look perfect for any occasion. With the sheer goal of improving usability and aesthetics, let’s not forget the additional benefit of improving home value. Any well-designed installation will add value to the user and the investor of a property.

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