ACCLAIM Lighting ART 500 USB DMX Wall Mount Controller


ACCLAIM Lighting ART 500 USB DMX Wall Mount Controller

The Art 500 is a touch panel DMX Controller with 1,024 DMX channels and 500 programmable scenes, designed to be the most effective control solution for architectural control. Included is the ART 500 software package, which others an easy-to-navigate interface combined with powerful control features. Not only can it be controlled remotely from an iPhone or iPad, but the ART500 is capable of learning sunset and sunrise times with integrated GPS coordination. This feature is excellent for installations that automatically need to light on at a certain time without relying on a photocell switch or other similar devices. Also available on the beautiful slim touch panel is an LCD screen which allows you to read all the different zones depending on how the user may have labeled them. Also, add pictures of the different zones in your installation displayed on the LCD, making it even easier to recognize which zone you select. Available in black and white colors, the ART500 is ready to bring any room into life with unparalleled lighting control.


  • ART500 Controller
  • USB Cable
  • Micro SD Card
  • Power Adapter

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ART500 White, ART500 Black


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