Choosing the Right Installer for Your LED Project


Installing an LED lighting solution is a great way to save money, be environmentally friendly, and also add a unique finishing touch to your décor. Whether you’re building something new or remodeling a room that needs some love, one of the most important success factors is choosing the right resources.

Selecting the right solution for your LED lighting project involves more than just finding the highest quality lighting for your money, it’s also important to find the right installer. It’s true that there are a lot of “how-to” videos that explain the ins and outs of installing LED lighting fixtures, but in order to make sure your investment lasts a long time we recommend working with a qualified installer rather than trying it on your own.

Tips for Choosing the Right LED Lighting Installer

  1. Make sure they are familiar with the LED products you want to have installed – there can be minor differences between different types of products, so make sure that whoever you choose has hands on experience and can do more than “talk the talk.”
  2. Ask for project videos and/or photographs – most qualified installers keep a portfolio of past projects. Don’t be afraid to ask to see them, if they’re good at what they do they’ll be happy to share them. Another reason to ask to see pictures or videos is it can help you decide whether or not they have a style that matches your vision. Also be sure to ask for references and make the phone calls – a picture may be worth a thousand words, but in this case it’s also good to have the conversation.
  3. Evaluate their credentials – it’s not absolutely necessary to work with a certified electrician, but doing so can really increase your chances of having a reliable LED display that will last a long time. If the installer you’re considering isn’t certified, make sure they have a lot of experience and really solid references. You can learn more about how to choose the right electrician here.

We’re also here to help in any way you need us to. We can help you select the products that are best for your application and we can also give you feedback about our experience with a contractor you may be considering.