3D Lighting Visualization Software Bring Your Project to Life

3D Lighting Visualization Software

In this post we will be going over the current application of 3D simulations in light designing environments. There may have been times where you would like to visualize your lighting environment before attempting to realize it. There are many applications that can do this in two dimensional or three dimensional figures. Two dimensional simulations are mainly used for symmetrical solutions, but to get a whole viewing of your lighting system design it is best to use a 3D software.

The Perks of 3D Visualization Software

We were born in a world where three dimensional figures are taking over(In a non-literal sense, of course). So, what makes an image a 3D representation? Well, while 2D has height and width, three dimensional figures also have depth. Think of it like this, two dimensional images have a one sided view of things and three dimensional images can be viewed from different perspectives.

Most 3D visualization software comes with modeling, layout and animation, and rendering features. These features give you a great view of your design as a whole. With this you can have aerial or a 360 degree view of your performances. With modeling, you can form the shape of an object. This object can be placed in the layout and animation process that make up your scene. And with rendering comes the ability to convert a model into an image; ergo, you have a scene.

Real-time Lighting Visualizer

So, maybe you have been wondering what software is right for you, and there are a lot out there. But we may have found one particular piece of software that meets all of your needs. Realizzer is a real-time 3D lighting visualizer and is available in four different editions all coming with different features: Basic, Professional, Ultimate, and Studio.

Features include:

  • Lighting Simulation: Simulates lighting characteristics such as pan/tilt, gobos, colors, color mixes, zoom, prisms and much more.
  • Realistic Lasers: Program and view laser shows in real-time. Displays physical effects like fog density, scanner inertia, or diodes.
  • Video Screens & Projections: Produces videos on walls with a video file that can be triggered manually, through DMX, or real-time video input.
  • Import 3D Models: Imports 3D formatted models you may have created on your own on other software.
  • Video Rendering: Create high quality realistic videos to show off your designs.
  • Library: Over 3000 lighting fixtures and models at hand
  • Fixture Builder: Create your own fixtures and control through the internal console or direct Art-Net input; in real-time or 3D world.

Make the Smart Choice

As you get along and become familiar with other 3D software, we hope that you keep in mind Realizzer for your future projects. It is a nifty software that has gotten us to help others out.

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