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Multi-Zone RGBW LED RF Radio Frequency Controller and Remote

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Multi-Zone RGB and RGBW LED RF Radio Frequency Remote


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Multi-Zone RGBW LED RF Radio Frequency Controller


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Tech Specs for Controller (RF-MZRX-RGBW):

  • Input Voltage: 12V – 24V DC
  • Max Current per Channel: 6A @12V DC, 3A @ 24V DC
  • Remote Control Range: 30 meters (98 ft)
  • Controller Dimensions: 85 x 45 x 23mm
  • Remote Dimensions: 100 x 52 x 20mm
  • Working Temperature: -20˚C – 60˚C (-4˚F – 140˚F)
  • 1-year warranty

Features for Controller (RF-MZRX-RGBW):

  • A total of 9 programmed sequences to choose from, 5 color rotating sequences and 4 single color sequences
  • Wireless RF reliable remote control
  • Power off data memory
  • Compatibility with AMP-RGBW and AMP-RGBW-HS  for unlimited amplification
  • Ability to control up tp 4 zones per transmitter remote, and multiple receiver RF controllers

Changing Patterns for Controller (RF-MZRX-RGBW):

  1. RGBW Fade in & Fade out
  2. Color Flash
  3. Disco
  4. Red Color Ramp Up & Flash
  5. Green Color Ramp Up & Flash
  6. Blue Color Ramp Up & Flash
  7. Color Change + Flash
  8. Fade in & Fade out
  9. Strobe White

Tech Specs for Remote(RF-MZTX):

  • Operating Voltage: DC 3V (2 x AAA batteries – Not Included)
  • Ambient Temperature: -20 C – 60 C
  • Operating Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Net Weight: 47g (1.66oz)
  • RF Control Distance: 30m (98.4 ft) in line of sight
  • IP Rating: IP40 (Keep dry at all times)
  • Dimensions: 119.95 x 52.60 x 20.15 mm (4.72 x 2.07 x 0.79 in)
  • Material: High-Quality ABS plastic
  • 1-year warranty

Features for Remote (RF-MZTX):

  • Works for both RGB and RGBW Multi-zone controllers.
  • Wireless RF control, up to 30m in-line of sight range.
  • Compatible with RF-MZRX-RGB and RF-MZRX-RGBW
    Receiver Controllers for versatility functions.
  • Ability to control up to 4 zones per Transmitter Remote,
    and multiple Receiver RF Controllers.